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Tryout Registration is now open! Please click the link below.


2021 Hammerhead MVPs

14-1s            Alayna Simon

14-2s            Sarah Wiltse

                         Kate Ciarochi

14-Green   Molly McCallister

15-1s            Grace Nelson

15-2s            Mia DeCaluwe

15-Green   Mia Nerison

15-Black    Paige Nelson

15-White   Elizabeth Fladhammer

16-1s            Anna Olsen                

16-2s            Elisha Sanchez

                         Jenna Miller

16-Green   Zadie Johnson

16-Black     Lacy Brainer

16-White   Bella Huston

16-Grey      Emily Campbell

16-Silver     Quinlynn Parish

17-1s            Kyla Maatta               

17-2s            Isabella Thuras

17-Green   Maddie Peick

18-1s            Emily Hagen

18-2s            Sophia Alberts

2021 NCR All-Region Hammerheads

NCR 1st Team All Region                                NCR 2nd Team All-Region

14-1               Alayna Simon                               Kelin McDowell

14-2               Kate Ciarochi                               Jade Nelson

14-Green    Molly McCallister                     Katie Borowski

15-1                Rebecca Woody                       Makenna Harren

15-2                 Mara Phillips                             Mia DeCaluwe

15-Green      Mia Nerison                              Sami McMenomy

15-Black        Paige Nelson                            Logan Smoot

15-White       Karli Grundhoffer                 Lily Klingensmith

16-1                  Elizabeth Udermann           Lily Broman

16-2                  Sydney Knaack                       Elisha Sanchez

16-Green       Zadie Johnson                        Brooke Haram 

16-Black         Zoe Hanna                                Lacy Brainer

16-White        Bella Huston                           Emmy Telfer

16-Grey           Emily Campbell                     Ady Pavek

16-Silver          Quinlynn Parish                   Kadance Koktavy

17-1                   Kyla Maatta                            Annika Kosiarek

17-2                   Isabella Thuras                     Ashley Stellick

17-Green        Madeline Peick                    Caroline Nelson

18-1                   Emily Hagen                           MacKenzie Dose

18-2                   Paige Armitage                     Sophia Alberts 

Final Sand League Standings

Lily B 1738
Kellen 1376
Sophie 1350
Liz 1327
Hannah Y 1321
Zadie 1287
Zoe 1237
Madeline 1149
Lily A 1118
Harper 799
Logan 669
Chloe 665
Sydney K 620
Janie 561
Keely 551
Kaily 547
Jenna 447
Kylie 432
Ava 424
Sydney L 413
Gabby 400
Sydney H 399
Lindsey 397
Tessa 384
Bridget 327
Sophia G 210
Marley 177
Libby 177
Hanna 80
Marissa 80

Hammerhead Volleyball

  • Hammerheads
  • Sharkfest day 1 champions!
  • Sharkfest day 2 champions!
  • Congrats to Zadie Johnson on being named MVP of 16-Green for the 2021 season.

What's Happening

The Season Begins!


Hammerhead Volleyball is a JO 
Volleyball club located in the
 Twin Cities south metro area.  

​We welcome players from the metro area.  ​​
Currently Hammerhead Volleyball teams are 
available for a variety of different age 
groups  & skill levels, from 14U to 18U. 

​​Our club is part of the North Country Region ​​USA Volleyball.  

7th Annual Food Drive

7th Annual Food Drive

The numbers are in! This year we raised 1,063 pounds of food and $321 for The Open Door!!! Thanks so much to all the players and parents who participated!

HammerheadVB Hammerhead VB HammerheadVB
Jason Hackenmueller

Jason Hackenmueller

Hammerhead Sports

Phone: 651-428-1311