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Summer Training Opportunities

Summer Oportinities

Hi everyone!


Hope your summer is off to a great start! We have a lot of new offers over this summer for players who are looking for more opportunities. Please read the whole email to make sure you don't miss anything.


  1. Small Group Lessons: These will be provided each week Monday-Thursday between 4-10pm and they will be divided up based on age/skill level, and position. They will be $40 per 1 hour session and will be up to 4 players in each group with 1-2 coaches who specialize in that position. Payment can be made over Venmo (@HammerheadVB) prior to your session, or cash/check needs to be provided to the coach at the beginning of your session. We recommend signing up in groups if you can but it is completely fine to sign up as an individual. The schedule will be posted 2 weeks in advance on both social media and in sign up genius. Here is the link for signing up that will be updated throughout the summer: 

  2. Co-ed Reverse 4s Queens League: This will occur Monday, Group 1 will be 7-8:30pm and Group 2 will be 8:30-10pm. Group 1 is recommended for 14s and lower level 15/16s players. Group 2 is recommended for upper level 15/16s players and 17/18s players. In case you hadn't played this set up before, reverse 4s is where the boys play in the backrow and girls play in the front. The league will be $300 per team (so $75 per player) and will be 5 weeks long. Reffing will be provided and there will be a prize for the team with the winning team at the end of the season. You need to have a full team to register and payment should be made in advance over Venmo to @HammerheadVB (please include team name in Venmo), or you may drop off a check to Hope Fieldhouse to reserve your spot. Here is the link to sign up: ​

    Co-Ed Reverse 4s Queens Sign up

    You will play with 4 people at a time, 2 girls and 2 boys (can have more girls than boys but not more boys than girls) You are allowed up to 2 subs throughout the season Everyone playing needs to have a completed waiver Payment needs to be made to reserve your spot. $300 for the whole team (or $75 per person) to @HammerheadVB on Venmo or a check brought to Hope Fieldhouse /an open gym. The whole team needs to be paid to reserve your spot. Leagues are Monday nights Group 1: 7-8:30pm and Group 2: 8:30-10pm League Rules: Boys are only allowed to hit from the back row, and girls in the front row You can still serve receive and play defense as usual Back row attacks are allowed Queens format: the winning team stays on the "Queens" side, every time you stay over there you get 1 point You do not get a point for going over to the "Queens" side A coach will be the ref and keep track of points Good sportsmanship is expected


  3. Private Lessons: These will occur intermittently throughout each week beginning the week of June 24th through the end of summer. These will be $75 per hour for a 1:1 lesson, or $50 per hour per player for a 2:1 (2 players to 1 coach) lesson. IMPORTANT: you must fill out the form for every week that you are interested. You cannot just fill out the form 1 time for the whole summer. Forms must be filled out at least 2 weeks in advance by Sunday. (Example, if I want a lesson the week of July 8th, I need to fill out the form by June 23rd at the latest). The schedule will be posted on our social media 2 weeks in advance, the coach running your lesson will also contact you before then. If you are interested in private lessons you need to fill out the form here:


    Private Lessons

    Private lessons are $75 for a 1 hour 1:1 lesson or $50 per person for a 2:1 lesson. Payment can be made over Venmo to @HammerheadVB or you need to bring cash or a check to your lesson.

Hammerhead Boys Summer Camp

Boys Camp Registration Link

Final Sand League Standings

Final Sand League Standings

Ainsley    902

Taya     754

Evin     665

Kelin     664

Sophie 642

Allison 602

Natalia     598

Clara     592

Josie 578

Seydie     430

Maggie     402

Avery     186

Hailey     167

Lizzie 102

Alexa     92

Vinnie    78              


Hammerhead Volleyball is a JO 
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​We welcome players from the metro area.  ​​
Currently Hammerhead Volleyball teams are 
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​​Our club is part of the North Country Region ​​USA Volleyball.  
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Jason Hackenmueller

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